Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Lou's Pizza

- Big Lou's Pizza on W.W.White and Rigsby in San Antonio, is a one of the best places to get pizza in SA. Hands down. They serve pizza, pasta, wraps, salads, lasagna and they also have full service bar. The pizzas are served with sizes ranging from 8 to 20 inches in diameter and go all the way up to a 3 foot wide pizza and even a 4 foot wide pizza. That is a massive pizza and for dine only. No take out unless it is packed my yourself as leftovers. The pizza, though I have never been to New York, would consider a NY style pizza with the homemade hearty sauce of Chicago. An employee once said the owner taught him self to make the pizza. He was an Irish/Hispanic man from the east side of SA that loved pizza and wanted to make nice little pizza joint near home. Big Lou's hand makes all the dough and sauce on site at 4 am every morning and hand grates the cheese throughout the day. Everything is fresh and the Big Red flows like wine!!!
- I have been coming here for pizza for almost 10 years now. It used to basically be a trailer with outside dining and a huge sign that read "BIG LOU'S." They moved to a larger location in 2004, a few hundred yards away from the current location, hoping to accommodate the high demand for their pies. I believe all it did was bring more customers than what they had imagined. I grew up on the east side and I remember on Friday nights especially, it was the place to go after the football game. And that was, like I said, when it was just a trailer with some tables sitting around it. Nowadays, I am living on the other side of town and missing the greasy goodness.
- Today, myself, along with my good friends Aaron (Ucasta for all you NTers) and Tony (TCERDA), decided to go to Big Lou's just to see what was going on. We get there just to find out that the Travel Channel was there filming a show called Man VS Food. They had one of their 4 foot pies sitting on the table with a few families surrounding it. We sat in the same room and watched that escapade at the bar. Two extra large Big Reds, a few beers, a 20" pie and some wraps filled us up and left us with a pile of leftovers. Check it out when you're in town. You won't regret it.

Enjoy the pics...

One of the servers with one of the 3' pies. Can you believe that isn't even the biggest pizza they make???
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Filming Man VS Food on the Travel Channel...
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Our 20" pie...
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Bonus: Aaron's Emerald 95s...
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Bonus: My Royal Bursts...
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Bonus: Random stop by Jeff's for a random bottle of rum... Ever hear of Admiral Nelson Vanilla Rum before??? I think if well had a well, this would be it...
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