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Today, my good friend Gabe came over and was looking at some of my OG Jordan 1s and they reminded him that he saw an OG Jordan 1 box filled with Atari games, a few weeks back, at the Goodwill across I10 from my apartment. In a joyful fit of rage I screamed, "LET'S GO!" I slid some flops on, grabbed my wallet and keys and split. We were there in less than 3 minutes from him telling me he saw a box up there. Walked in and sure enough, a beautiful original Jordan 1 blk/red box. I went up to the counter and said, "I just want the box, not the games, can I have it?" Needless to say, walked out with a gem. The box was for a sz 10.5 so I new I wasn't keeping this box. If it would have been an 11 or above, I would be posting pics of my shoes in this box but long story short I hit up Aaron (Ucasta) before I even got to the car. Let him know what he had in store and before you know it he was at my apartment.

Aaron had three things to say about the box...

One, "Thank you."

Two, "This, aside from my Claudia and the actual OG shoes, is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

And three, "This is best thing that's happened this month next to Zach Morris being on the Jimmy Fallon Show!"


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