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Glassjaw - Coloring Book

Rumor had it that a new Glassjaw EP was to exclusively be released at a few select dates on their US tour this year. With the exception of two digital EP releases on iTunes ("El Mark" EP in 2005 and the "Our Color Green" Digital EP from earlier this year), there had been nothing actually printed since "Worship and Tribute" in 2002. I have been patiently waiting since then. Well sure enough the new EP "Coloring Book" was given out at no cost in certain numbers at the show here in San Antonio and I was lucky enough to get one. They did not disappoint. What’s more,"Coloring Book" apparently shares its name with their upcoming third full-length. Couple all this with an expected Coachella showing, and these guys are officially back!

The EP includes:
Black Nurse
Vanilla Poltergeist Snake
Miracle in Inches
Stations of the New Cross
Daytona White


Also, this poster was mailed to Glassjaw fans that preordered tickets through Merch Direct... I got this one 2 months before the show...


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