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The Air Force 2 - ESPO

This shoe is from Nike's artist series from September of 2003. It commemorates New York City graffiti legend and world renowned artist Espo. This was Nike's first 'clear' shoe and was released with a special pair of blue socks to be worn with the shoes. Limited to 1050 pairs worldwide.

I need a sz 12 pair.

I don't have a pair currently because I just don't want to spend an arm and a leg. They have eluded me many times, I have found pairs in my size for decent prices just to find out they come with out socks, and I have seen them rise to prices I couldn't imagine any man paying, etc... but bottom line is I have been tossed around so much by these shoes and I still don't have a pair.

Crazy thing is, it is such a wild looking shoe, that... Would I wear it?

"It's like having a good girl and still being addicted to them hoodrats?"



  1. get you a pair i slept on em and i regret it .

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