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Glassjaw interview on Ryan's Rock Show

Just found a semi recent and fairly long interview with Daryl Palumbo, Justin Beck and Manuel Carrero of the band Glassjaw. This is the first interview with Glassjaw done on camera in over 7 years. RRS definitely planned a nice set of questions for the alotted time they had with the band and at almost 21 minutes long, the interview covers various topics that reveal important details in understanding the history of Glassjaw. Filmed in their bus in November of 2010, they discuss the evolution of the band and what draws them to continue making music. Interesting points made included, what Darrel and Manny say is the "best day of their lives," which was their second Brixton Academy show in the UK. They opened for the Deftones and it was the first time an entire crowd of that size sang to their songs. Low points include the constant questioning of the bands integrity and issues with labels, in particular Road Runner Records. Daryl and Many sit aside as Beck talks about the falling out with Road Runner and signing with Warner Bros and the decision Road Runner made to re-release the Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence album with unreleased demos under faulty or no contract or permission of the band. This is definitely a side of the band I have never seen before and makes me very glad Manuel Carrero is back. He was gone for 4 years between 2000 and 2004, which was the hay day of Glassjaw's growth, but he brings back a side of this band that has been lost for some time now. The spontaneity is back and they are in this band to full fill their dreams of being artists again. By all means, a must watch for any true Glassjaw fan. - jwdanklefs