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Burger Boy

A few blocks from San Antonio College and across the street from the famous White Rabbit concert venue, is Burger Boy. Carl Bates and the Bates family have been grilling burgers since 1957 here at in what looks like a converted Wiener-schnitzel hot dog restaurant. The Burger Boy was designed as a caricature of his father, Carl Sr. Makes you wonder where Carl Jr. came from uh? 60 something locations were bought by Burger King and the Bates recipe was marketed as the Whopper. Infact the original name of Burger Boy was Whopper Burger. The San Antonio location is the last one around. Though BK adopted the recipe, it changed over the years, the biggest change was adding a sesame seed bun and flame broiling the burger instead of grilling. Now the Whataburger chain markets a modified version of the Bates burger. The main difference here is that it's a small space, with a great staff in a great area of town and it really does feel like a burger joint, not a fast food chain. The score of 100 from the city health department doesn't hurt either.

Grab a seat at one of their 5 barstools at:

Burger Boy
2323 N Saint Marys St
San Antonio, TX 78212
United States of America
Phone: (210) 735-1955