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NBC Live Coverage on September 11, 2001

These are the segments I remember so vividly from the day. I was at school. I remember hearing about it in-between going from my 1st class to my 2nd. It was on when I got to that class and we soon witnessed the flight 175 hit Tower 2. Then, it became real. We didn't do any other school work for the rest of the day. Every class following that one was simply a news viewing party. Jaws were dropped, fear for what the future held set in and a very uneasy feeling did not leave for weeks. I can't imagine what it was like to be in that city as it was horrible being states away. I remember being scared to sleep in my own bed that evening. Such a disaster.

This clip starts from the point NBC got word of the impact on building 1.

This clip starts right as Flight 175 impacts building 2.

This clip shows the collapse of building 2.

This clip lastly shows building 1 going down.

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