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Ahmir "Questlove"Thompson of The Roots

I can not summarize this person in one small paragraph or blurb. It's impossible but I will do my best. He has signature drumsticks that he uses yet has made his afro and pick silhouette is his signature. The man is an american drummer playing most notably for his work with The Roots. He is a music historian and record collector, band leader, record producer and DJ and quite the sneaker fashionista. The picture below is of my friend, Fred Padua, rocking a pair of his Air Force 1s (notice the afro silhouette on the tongue tag). He has done more work with more people than I would care to mention but here is a set of 6 videos, no related to each other, that show Questo at his best. From drum style and record collecting, to the 3rd stage of his career as leader of the house band of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. These videos take a glimpse into the more personal side of his life. They portray ?uestlove for who he really is more so than just what he does behind the kit. I have too much respect for this guy, that's really all that can be said.

P.S. the last video shows one of my favorite comedians, Zach Galifianakis, in a video for a song called "Not About Love" from Fiona Apple.... Little known fact, that's Quest on the drums.


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