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Necessities - Aaron Castillo


Here are his items:

1. prescriptions by Dolce & Gabbana
2. prescriptions by Gucci
3. Rayban Polarized Wayfarers
4. Vintage Uno deck circa 1988/Spurs Playing Cards
5. Asics Gel Lyte III
7. LV Utah Pocket Organizer
8. Apple Ipad 3
9. LV Taiga Messenger
10. Audi and house Keys

"My necessities are a reflection of my always on-the-go work as a professional counselor. First and foremost, I have worn prescription lenses since the 5th grade and luckily my vision has been somewhat stable enough for me to acquire multiple frames. I have pictured two of my favorites. As long as I can remember, my dad keeps a pair of Wayfarers in the sunglasses rotation. I intend to keep that tradition going. Next, I keep the Uno and playing cards on me during weekdays as a means of establishing rapport and opening the lines of communication with the youth I work with on a daily basis. I never give a game away. The Gel Lyte IIIs are a comfortable everyday sneaker with tons of aesthetic value in my book. Credit goes to my good friend Shawn Rhoder for making me appreciate this model. I have been very pleased with the practicality of the EVO 3D, keeps all my daily appointments amongst the countless other things to keep me productive (and counter productive). Next necessity is my pocket organizer: love the simplicity, quality, and functionality of LV. I finally caved in and bought a tablet. Surprisingly, I have found myself putting to good use. Now we come to my favorite necessity, which is my LV messenger. The Mrs. bought it for me as a graduation gift and I have used it every weekday since. Since I am basically a "mobile therapist", I like to think of my messenger as my mobile office. If you ever decide to invest in one of these pieces, LV is the only way to go. Lastly, my vehicle keys help me go from point A to B to C to D and finally back to A on a daily basis." - Aaron Castillo

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