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Necessities - JD Beltran

Photobucket Here are his items:

1. Nike Dunk SB Low "What The Dunk"
2. Kit Kat Bar
3. adidas Soccer Ball
4. Motorola Droid Bionic
5. Coach Wallet
6. Nissan Altima Keys and Pigeon Dunk Keychain
7. Chopsticks
8. Rosary
9. Assorted Meaningful Bracelets

"Simple would be the best way to describe my necessities, which in turn reflect who I am. I actually had a hard time thinking of what "necessities" I have. To start off, I am a Nike SB collector first and foremost, so more than likely you will always see me wearing a pair of SB Dunks. I am a HUGE lover of all candy, but the one I find myself enjoying most often would definitely be a Kit Kat bar. The soccer ball stays in my car's trunk at all times. Being a die-hard soccer fan and a former high school player, I keep the ball in case any opportunity arises to play a quick match. My phone rarely ever leaves my sight, I do almost everything from my phone so it was a definite necessity. Obviously my wallet is a necessity, without it I would be driving illegally as it houses my Driver's License. Also, it's helpful when paying for things since my debit card is in there as well. Next, we have my car keys. That poor car has been through hell and back with me. Thankfully it is incredibly fuel efficient, otherwise the drive home from Baylor EVERY single weekend would've been rough on my wallet. Chopsticks help me eat sushi, and I love sushi more than anyone you know. My rosary is probably my most important necessity after my bracelets. You will never see me without this on. Finally, we have my bracelets. I have 12 bracelets that never come off no matter what. They all have meaning to them, they are not just accessories, they are literally a part of me. If I am ever seen without my rosary I guarantee I will have all 12 bracelets on." - JD Beltran


  1. Nice, I've been meaning to take one for a while. Some people put the most random things lol.