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Sneaks Up 6 Out-O-Town Profile - Andrew Watts


Whats your name? Andrew Watts / Cleveland222 & AirBurst222 on the forums

Where are you from? Cleveland

How long have you been collecting? I've been into sneakers my whole life. My first memory of it was begging my dad to buy me the Jordan IV's when they first came out. It was a tough sell, but I got em.

What is your main focus on in the sneaker world? Particular brand, model or type? I've been all over in my collecting....SB's, PE's, Jordans, but mainly I focus on runners now, Air Max and New Balance mainly, though I have appreciation for anything quality.

How did you hear about Sneaks Up? I'm lucky enough to be a part of a great group called The AmFam, and a few of the guys put Sneaks Up together. They're like family, and it's an annual trip now to support great people putting on a sneaker celebration for the right reasons.

 So you will be attending this year, what gems will make the trip with you? Yes, I will be there. I'm bringing some older Air Maxes for The AmFam table and displaying to help promote our event, Cleveland's Got Sole on June 24th.

Will you have a table at Sneaks Up? Yes.

Who are you looking forward to meeting this year at Sneaks Up? A lot of friends who I've met through the hobby, from all over the country, but mainly the legendary customizer Jake of Dank Customs......his shit is that of legends.

What are you most looking forward to seeing this year at Sneaks Up? The taco truck, the DJ's, some amazing collections and above all else, great people.

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