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Sneaks Up 6 Out-O-Town Profile - Brian Gunther


Whats your name? Where are you from?
Brian from Denver.

How long have you been collecting?
I didn't really get into buying shoes like a hoarder (we say connoisseur, but who are we kidding?) until around 2006.


What is your main focus on in the sneaker world? Particular brand, model or type?
My thing is mostly Air Max and other Nike running shoes (Citizen, Air Zoom Alpha, Spiridon, Air Tuned Max, etc.), but I also love ACG from back in the day (Wildwoods being one of my all time favorite shoes) as well as Air Force 1's made up until about the early 2000's. I don't have a big collection of any of that stuff, but I surely do have a strong appreciation. The one shoe I have focused the hardest on is the Air Burst. I've come upon many pairs including three pairs from the original run in 1995 and 1996, but yet some still elude me. The only other guy I know with a collection like mine is my Burst Brother Andrew from Cleveland. Maybe somebody out there has us both beat in the Burst category, but I haven't heard about 'em yet!


How did you hear about Sneaks Up?
I heard about Sneaks Up from my Air Max Fam brethren Jake W. Danklefs. I attended SU5 and had an absolute blast, so now I’m coming back!

So you will be attending this year, what gems will make the trip with you?
Last year I brought OG Bursts, but I’m not sure what’s coming down this year. We need a Fam meeting…

Will you have a table at Sneaks Up?
Whatever I bring will be a contribution to the Air Max Family table(s), no doubt.


Who are you looking forward to meeting this year at Sneaks Up?
This year I’m really hoping to meet Vinny Herbicelli. Also planning to link up with Vito Saucilito and Frankie Fumagalli. I’m also looking forward to that incredible San Antonio Sneaks Up crew hospitality, and hanging out with all my AMFam brothers.

What are you most looking forward to seeing this year at Sneaks Up?
I’m also looking forward to the flea market and the El Gallito Taco Truck. Also Taco Garage! Siiiiike. Word to my man Chad.


Sneaks Up!

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