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Getting High Off Asian Food w/ Eddie Huang

Chef and food personality Eddie Huang was born in 1982 and is Taiwanese American. He graduated from Rollins College with a B.A. and got his J.D. from Cordoza School of Law. He is an outspoken gentleman with a potty mouth and he isnt afraid to speak his mind on a number of different subjects. Eddie is tired of Americans eating Chinese food like hooligans, so on this gritty tour of the best Asian restaurants in NYC he teaches us how to eat soup dumpling properly. He takes VICE along to follow him and his crew, which includes Grammy Award-winning producer Emile Haynie and nightlife impresarios Max Koshkerman and Simonez Wolf, to the Russian Bath and lastly back to his Lower East Side bun shop, BaoHaus for some drunken eats.

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