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Necessities - Hector "87hec" Gamboa

Here are his items:

1. Nike Air Max 2009
2. Dickies Scrub Uniform (crip blue!)
3. LV Brazza Damier (only a few people get to meet this wallet)
4. LV Mono credit card holder (whenever I need a quickie!)
5. $375 USD cash (need to pay rent)
6. Rubber band (none of your business)
7. Casio Gshock Black Military
8. Zebra g-2 07 pen (best in the biz)
9. 12 alternate S.A.Spurs New Eras (only hat to touch this head)
10. 2011 Chevy Silverado keys with 3 way Viper remote and active start (stay away from the vehicle)
11. 0.57 carat VS-2-S1 Diamond cut studs
12. CanonT2i and 580 EXII flash (you never know what you'll capture)
13. iPhone
14. La Bella 10+ Hair Gel (keeps the bitches from messing it up)
15. Goody Comb (nuff said)

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