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Necessities - Khris KOT


1. Diamond Supply Co. Wallet - Sleek design, holds all my plastic money & US currency.
2. Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses (classic black) - Can't go wrong with these shades plus "I wear my sunglasses at night !"
3. Keys - to the Bentley, Rolls, and Maybach
4. USA Bandanna - $1.00, thank you Poteet Flea Market!
5. Iphone 4S - For maximum IG'ing, texting, and emails. The world never sleeps and neither does my phone.
6. Ear Buds - Cheap but gets the job done when listening to my ignorant rap music!
7. Metal Scriber - Used for those moments I run into a clean mirror or window.
8. Krink X Married To The Married Marker - Just because I'm a vandal, doesn't mean I can't do it in style.....
9. Rustoleum Spray Can - Good to leave your mark with.... currency wuz here!
10. Assorted Spray Tips - Accessory to the spray can. Never know when you need fat or thin lines.
11. Twang Pickle Salt - Goes great w/ DosXX! I swear my hoodrat tastebuds have nothing to do with this, LOL!
12. Marlboro Lights (in a box) - nasty habbit, nuff said
13. Supreme Zippo Lighter- Accessory to my nasty habbit : \
14. Bracelets - Accessories to my style.
15. Bottle Opener Ring - Never leave home w/o it! Vital for the weekend drinking....
16. Haze Gshock Watch - One of my favorite graffiti artists w/ one of my favorite watch brands. This watch is just the right size.
17. Supreme Box Logo Fitted - Anyone who knows me, knows I've been rocking them for a min....
18. Patent Leather Jordan 1's - One of my all time favorite's! Shoe screams "we're formal but we like to party!"
19. Kicks On Tight Stickers - "Ain't nobody fresher than my muthaf*ckin clique!"
20. Big Red (2 liter) - Last but NOT least.... the sweet, sweet nectar of the GODS; Big Red! My favorite soda ever and probably one of the reasons I won't live past 40... lol


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