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Kandizz Dunk High Custom by Dank Customs for Kandy Maiolo

Just finished these up for Austrailian model Kandy Maiolo. Done completely by hand with a fine point sharpie and then added a permanent protective coating over it. Doesnt get more personalized that this!!!

Follow myself on instagram @jwdanklefs and Kandy Maiolo @kandizz

 photo 4_4_13.jpg
 photo 4_4_137.jpg
 photo 4_4_136.jpg
 photo 4_4_134.jpg
 photo 4_4_135d.jpg
 photo 3_6_132.jpg
 photo 3_6_133.jpg
 photo 3_6_134.jpg
 photo 3_6_135.jpg
 photo 3_6_136.jpg
 photo 3_6_137.jpg
 photo 3_6_138.jpg

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