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Skunk Air Max 1 by Dank Customs

The newest collaborative effort by Dank Customs and Decade Footwear brings you the Skunk Air Max 1 inspired by the Skunk Dunk SB. These come complete with SB laces, hidden "stash" pouch, custom cedar and chrome shoe trees and custom box. (Skunk Dunk SB NOT included)

This 1 of 1 pair will be available in sz10 ONLY via ebay. The auction will go live the night of Tuesday the 16th and will stay up for 24hours and end at midnight (Eastern Time) Wednesday the 17th. Upon payment, shoes will be overnighted to allow the new lucky owner to wear them on 4/20.

Follow @jwdanklefs and @teamdecade on instagram for more details and questions.

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