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S.C.R. (Style Comfort Relativity) is San Antonio's new premier provider of men's apparel, footwear and accessories. Shawn Rhoder, the store owner and designer, created the space not to become a volume based men's clothier, but rather to become an engineer of classic yet atypical quality men's fashion essentials. His primary aim is to assist clients in building a wardrobe that is versatile in occasion, congruent in dapperness, symmetrical in fit and feel and aberrant in selection. The store will bring new denim, pants, shirting and outerwear and footwear ranging from casual to high quality boots and leather soled dress shoes to the city. As well as a very nice selection of high quality bags, hosiery, soft leather goods, head wear, neck wear and wrist wear. Lastly, if you are looking for the proper product for face and hair, look no further.

So San Antonio, we have been operating as the 7th largest city in San Antonio without a proper men's clothier and it shows. All the answers lie in S.C.R.. They are the filling piece in the niche fashion and lifestyle gap that our 24-35 year old male demographic has been missing all these years. Located in one of the most socioeconomically and architecturally opulent areas of San Antonio, TX. S.C.R. is positioned adjacent to an urban living development project in a highly visibly historic retail collective off Broadway Rd. in Alamo Heights. So head up to the shop, take seat with Shawn and nice cool glass of water and discuss how easy it really is now for you to spruce up and experience the good life.

Style Comfort Relativity
3609 Broadway Rd
San Antonio, TX 78209

Instagram @scrman

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