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Dank Customs x Absolelute - Gucci Jordan 3

Had alot of fun on this collaborative effort with Absolelute. We wanted to hit the Gucci colorway and make it the way it's supposed to be. We came up with a design that had the proper amounts of red and green with apposing black leather. We added to that the Gucci branding on custom printed insoles, lasered G logo over entire upper, gold Gucci dubrays and to finish of the piece with a touch of added class, custom lambskin and stingray tongues.

Hit up for all your lasering needs!!!

 photo 10_20_134.jpg
 photo 10_20_136.jpg
 photo 10_20_13.jpg
 photo 10_20_137.jpg


  1. bagus banget sepatunya sob, dijual berapa ya. mau pake sendiri...terimakasih

  2. kalau boleh tau posisi dimana ya sob..? sepatunya saya mau beli, meski saya penjual sepatu. tapi sepatu ini kayaknya bagus buat saya, terimakasih

  3. boleh emel saya sa lamannya di instagram thedrizzyhatroom

  4. How much for the gucci j's