Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Custom Championship LeBron X made for LeBron James

Special thanks goes out to Kirk @dr_soles and Randy @ernieramos for making this happen!

Also special thanks to:
Fred of Secret Garden Woodworks for the box
Pedro of @absolelute for the lasering and tongue tags
Kelly of All Star Caps for the graphic help
Ragan and Sarah from Ragan Patterson Studios


 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-271.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-244.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-243.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-235.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-227.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-162.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-160.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-131.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-116.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-058.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-029.jpg
 photo Dank-LBJ-092313-002.jpg

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Finally completed a set!!!

Finally got a size correct box and hang tag to go along with my black and red 1985 Jordan 1s. Along with it came both sets of original laces as well as a running catalog and the best part, the actual sales receipt. The receipt is dated November 28th 1986 with a selling price of $32.42 with tax. Didn't have to go far to find it, came out of Tyler, TX.

 photo IMG_1424.jpg
 photo IMG_1422.jpg
 photo IMG_1421.jpg
 photo IMG_1420.jpg

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Toddler Hardwood Classic Lebron 8 PE Custom

Made for Friends and Family only....

 photo IMG_0535-1.jpg
 photo IMG_0534.jpg
 photo IMG_0531-1.jpg

Toddler 112 Lebron 8 PE Custom

Made for Friends and Family only....

 photo IMG_1365.jpg
 photo IMG_1363.jpg
 photo IMG_1355.jpg

Monday, September 2, 2013

Breast Cancer Lebron 9 Elite Hyperpinks

Dank Customs and Decade Footwear bring you another 1 of 1.

Up for auction is a pair of Kay Yow Breast Cancer Lebron 9 Elite Hyperpinks in sz 10.5.

Go to ebay item number 111158798899 and bid now for your chance to win!

* All proceeds will be donated to the fight against breast cancer.*

 photo IMG_0542.jpg
 photo IMG_0548.jpg
 photo IMG_0545.jpg
 photo IMG_0544.jpg

Nike Air Max 90 '02 Python Red Hit Custom

All I did here was clean up a 2002 Python 90 and add some red hits. Love how these cam out!!!

 photo IMG_0554.jpg
 photo IMG_0552.jpg
 photo IMG_0550.jpg