Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ucasta's Top 10 Sneaker Releases of 2013

Disclaimer – This was not written by jwdanklefs nor does it reflect his opinions. Once again: my list is only a reflection of my personal taste and opinion. It is not intended to represent any public attitude nor that of Jakey (jwdanklefs)..... Aaron aka Ucasta

10. Atmos Air Max 1 Black Tiger Camo – Yes, I'm one of those purists who complains consistently about the newer banana shape and use of crappy materials of the Air Max 1s, but the folks at Atmos can just about do no wrong on their Air Max collaborations. Usually I don't do over the top prints, but that tiger camo fits too nicely on the AM1.

 photo aa10.jpg

9. Adidas Torsion Integral S OG White/Ultra Green– Adidas quitely dropped these Torsions toward the end of the year with little to no hoopla. You just can't help but think early 90's when you look at em. Glad I was able to snatch up a pair via Size? a few weeks ago.

 photo aa6.jpg

8. Reebok Kamikaze II White/Black/Green- I am actually more of a fan of the Kamikaze 1 silouette, but the second version is much appreciated as well. As a youngster, I opted to purchase the Shaqnosis over the IIs in the mid 90s. I will have to add a pair of the closet soon.

 photo aa9.jpg

7. Adidas x A Bathing Ape ZX5000 – Just when you thought Bape was dead and long gone, their collab with Adidas was a breath of fresh air to the ZX series. Hope to get my hands on a pair before prices skyrocket more than they currently are.

 photo aa8.jpg

6. RF X Asics ECP Pack – I was convinced that I would not likely be including a RF release on my top 10 this year, but the ECP pack is a force to be wreckened with. Premium materials and excellent color blocking on top the Gel Lyte III with the new memory foam insole made this the MUST have release of 2013. I personally prefer the Knicks with a slight edge over Miamis, but you really can't go wrong either way.

 photo a7-1.jpg

5. Nike Flyknit Racer Multicolor - I honestly prefer the Trainer over the Racer in most instances, but this multicolored version was a knockout. With Nike starting to overuse the material on Air Maxes, Frees, etc., this will probably will end up being the best we will see of the Flyknit series.

 photo aa5.jpg

4. JCrew for New Balance 1400 Royal Mesh– In terms of collabs for 2013, NB probably had the best year over any other brand in 2013. CNCPTS, St. Alfreds, Norse and Kith all dropped some solid offerings this year. With that said, a little simplicity goes a long way.

 photo aa4.jpg

3. Nike Flight 98 Glove Black/Red-White – 90s Nike Basketball finds it's way back on my list this year with a much overdue CLASSIC worn by the glove himself Gary Payton. The retro verson had some differences but was an overall great ode to the man who made defense cool again. I'm going to have to break them out in a few years.

 photo aa3.jpg

2. RF Asics Gel Lyte V "Lavas"– Easily the best Asics of the year, over some great collabs from CNCPTS, St. Alfred, and HAL. The attention to detail, material, and color used on every panel is well thought out and unmatched. I hope to see more drops of the Gel Lyte V in 2014.

 photo aa2.jpg

1. Jordan I retro Black/Red and Black/Royal – Just about any of the Original Jordan 1 colorways will always top my list. Mind you I didn't even include the Black/Grey colorway which dropped earlier this year as well. Such a timeless classic that I will never tire of. I was not fortunate enough to get my hands on the Black/Red pair that just released. Looks like I have myself a mission to complete in 2014.

 photo aa1.jpg

Sunday, December 29, 2013

New York Trip - Nov 29th - Dec 2nd - Sole Con

Havent had a chance to edit these and get them posted recently, but I guess its better late than never.

 photo 11_29_132.jpg
 photo 11_29_133.jpg
 photo 11_29_134.jpg
 photo 11_29_135.jpg
 photo 11_29_136.jpg
 photo 11_29_137.jpg
 photo 11_29_138.jpg
 photo 11_29_139.jpg
 photo 11_29_1310.jpg
 photo 11_29_1311.jpg
 photo 11_29_1312.jpg
 photo 11_29_1313.jpg
 photo 11_29_1314.jpg
 photo 11_29_1315.jpg
 photo 11_29_1316.jpg
 photo 11_29_1317.jpg
 photo 11_29_1318.jpg
 photo 11_29_1319.jpg
 photo 11_29_1320.jpg
 photo 11_29_1321.jpg
 photo 11_29_1322.jpg
 photo 11_29_1323.jpg
 photo 11_29_1325.jpg
 photo 11_29_1326.jpg
 photo 11_29_1327.jpg
 photo 11_29_1328.jpg
 photo 11_29_1329.jpg
 photo 11_29_1330.jpg
 photo 11_30_132.jpg
 photo 11_30_133.jpg
 photo 11_30_134.jpg
 photo 11_30_135.jpg
 photo 11_30_136.jpg
 photo 11_30_137.jpg
 photo 11_30_138.jpg
 photo 11_30_139.jpg
 photo 11_30_1310.jpg
 photo 11_30_1311.jpg
 photo 11_30_1312.jpg
 photo 11_30_1313.jpg
 photo 11_30_1314.jpg
 photo 11_30_1315.jpg
 photo 11_30_1316.jpg
 photo 11_30_1317.jpg
 photo 11_30_1318.jpg
 photo 11_30_1319.jpg
 photo 11_30_1320.jpg
 photo 11_30_1321.jpg
 photo 11_30_1322.jpg
 photo 11_30_1323.jpg
 photo 11_30_1324.jpg
 photo 11_30_1325.jpg
 photo 11_30_1326.jpg
 photo 11_30_1327.jpg
 photo 11_30_1328.jpg
 photo 11_30_1329.jpg
 photo 11_30_1330.jpg
 photo 11_30_1331.jpg
 photo 11_30_1332.jpg
 photo 11_30_1333.jpg
 photo 11_30_1334.jpg
 photo 11_30_1335.jpg
 photo 11_30_1336.jpg
 photo 11_30_1337.jpg
 photo 11_30_1338.jpg
 photo 11_30_1339.jpg
 photo 11_30_1340.jpg
 photo 11_30_1341.jpg
 photo 11_30_1342.jpg
 photo 11_30_1343.jpg
 photo 11_30_1344.jpg
 photo 11_30_1348.jpg
 photo 11_30_1346.jpg
 photo 11_30_1347.jpg
 photo 11_30_1349.jpg
 photo 11_30_1350.jpg
 photo 11_30_1351.jpg
 photo 11_30_1352.jpg
 photo 11_30_1353.jpg
 photo 11_30_1354.jpg
 photo 11_30_1355.jpg
 photo 11_30_1356.jpg
 photo 12_1_13.jpg
 photo 12_1_132.jpg
 photo 12_1_133.jpg
 photo 12_1_135.jpg
 photo 12_1_136.jpg
 photo 12_1_137.jpg
 photo 12_1_138.jpg
 photo 12_1_139.jpg
 photo 12_1_1310.jpg
 photo 12_1_1311.jpg
 photo 12_1_1312.jpg
 photo 12_1_1313.jpg
 photo 12_1_1314.jpg
 photo 12_1_1315.jpg
 photo 12_1_1316.jpg
 photo 12_1_1317.jpg
 photo 12_1_1318.jpg
 photo 12_1_1319.jpg
 photo 12_1_1320.jpg
 photo 12_1_1321.jpg
 photo 12_1_1322.jpg
 photo 12_1_1323.jpg
 photo 12_1_1324.jpg
 photo 12_1_1325.jpg
 photo 12_1_1326.jpg
 photo 12_1_1327.jpg
 photo 12_1_1328.jpg
 photo 12_1_1329.jpg
 photo 12_1_1330.jpg
 photo 12_1_1331.jpg
 photo 12_02_133.jpg
 photo 12_02_134.jpg
 photo 12_02_135.jpg
 photo 12_02_136.jpg
 photo 12_02_137.jpg
 photo 12_02_138.jpg
 photo 12_02_1310.jpg
 photo 12_02_1312.jpg
 photo 12_02_13.jpg
 photo 12_02_131.jpg