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Dank Customs Longhorn Zoom Turf Jet 97 Custom

This pair was commissioned by my sister in law as a birthday present for my brother. My brother is University of Texas graduate and former member of the Texas Wranglers, a prestigious student community service organization. Meant to be worn around the tail gates next season, something football related was crucial, naturally the Zoom Turf Jet 97 came to mind. There is a Longhorn logo on the left foot and Wrangler logo on the right and two UT logos on the heals and is metallic burnt orange throughout.

 photo aaaaas1.jpg
 photo aaaaas1q.jpg
 photo aaaaas1q2.jpg
 photo aaaaas1qs1w.jpg
 photo aaaaas1q21s.jpg
 photo aaaaas1q21.jpg