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What the Euro? Asics Gel Lyte III for @rduong_

Each panel on this shoe represents a different Gel Lyte III that was done in collaboration with entities over seas. In total there are 13 shoes used for inspiration and 12 brands that include Afew/Koi Klub, Solebox, SlamJam, Zillion, Sneaker Freaker/Alvin Purple, Atmos, Mita, Colette, Woei, Patta, Hanon and Highs and Lows (Brick and Mortar). See if you can figure where each one is!!!

Enjoy these @rduong

 photo 5_8_142.jpg
 photo 5_8_145.jpg
 photo 5_8_146.jpg
 photo 5_8_143.jpg
 photo 5_8_144.jpg
 photo 5_8_14.jpg
 photo 5_8_147.jpg

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