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Pepsi #ExplosiveCherryKicks Air Force 1 High Custom

Last month, Nice Kicks launched the Pepsi Explosive Cherry Custom
Sneaker Contest and five lucky winners secured a pair of custom Nike
Air Force 1 Highs crafted by myself. Each of the five winners will
receive this custom AF1 in their size, along with a special Pepsi Wild
Cherry branded box. Thank you to all who entered for a chance to win
these custom sneakers and huge thanks to my Nicekicks family and Pepsi
for this great opportunity.

 photo 062014-Cherry-Pepsi-AF1-Customs-2.jpg
 photo 062014-Cherry-Pepsi-AF1-Customs-4.jpg
 photo 062014-Cherry-Pepsi-AF1-Customs-7.jpg
 photo 062014-Cherry-Pepsi-AF1-Customs-8.jpg
 photo 062014-Cherry-Pepsi-AF1-Customs-3.jpg
 photo 062014-Cherry-Pepsi-AF1-Customs-5.jpg
 photo 062014-Cherry-Pepsi-AF1-Customs-9.jpg
 photo 062014-Cherry-Pepsi-AF1-Customs-1.jpg
 photo 062014-Cherry-Pepsi-AF1-Customs-10.jpg

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  1. I want to buy those how much?