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STRIPES 2015 Sales Meeting and Trade Show - Sprite Custom Basketball Raffles

Had the pleasure of live painting at the STRIPES 2015 Sales Meeting and Trade Show the other day. I was doing Sprite Custom Basketballs. Half were to get raffled and the other half are to go to Stripes and Coca Cola or Sprite executives.

 photo IMG_0598.jpg
 photo IMG_0599.jpg
 photo IMG_0600.jpg
 photo IMG_0601.jpg
 photo IMG_0602.jpg
 photo IMG_0603.jpg
 photo IMG_0607.jpg
 photo IMG_0608.jpg
 photo IMG_0609.jpg
 photo IMG_0610.jpg
 photo IMG_0611.jpg
 photo IMG_0612.jpg
 photo IMG_0613.jpg
 photo IMG_0614.jpg
 photo IMG_0615.jpg
 photo IMG_0616.jpg
 photo IMG_0617.jpg
 photo IMG_0618copy.jpg