Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ulysse Nardin Jordan 3 Custom

Ulysse Nardin Jordan III Custom made for @amostan complete with wave pattern to compliment the Ulysse Nardin watch face, reconstructed tongue made with pig skin suede and lamb skin and embroidered with the Ulysse Nardin logo, stingray skin back tab and lambskin laces by @hefeluxx

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 photo IMG_7971.jpg

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Air Hateya 1 Custom by Dank and Co.

Introducing the Air Hateya 1. This design came more out of necessity as Visvim does not make size 13 and up. Therefore, I needed to make something of my own. It started as an Air Max 1 essentials and got tore down and rebuilt by hand from suede scraps. This model is inspired by the Visvim FBT line and a nod to Nash Money, one of the early pioneers of cut and sew sneaker customizing. The word Hateya is an Native American name meaning Footprint in the Sand.

Photo credentials @pkzuniga
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sneaker News Magazine Volume One photo shoot with Kisha Bari

In the summer of 2014, I was contacted to be a part of the pilot issue of Sneakernews.com's new publication, Sneaker News Magazine - Volume One. Ofcourse I said yes, and ended up doing a few interviews over the course of a few weeks. Then on a sunny Saturday morning in September, internationally recognized photographer, Kisha Bari, lands in San Antonio. Kisha came to to spend a day documenting the day and the life of Dank. We spent the day in the studio working on a few projects, taking a break for some barbeque and spent the afternoon wandering the streets and waterways of the River City. He images she captured that day are amazing. 
Sneaker News ended up publishing a fine book. Here are some of the images that didnt make it to the magazine. 
Please go and catch your issue of Sneaker News Magazine - Vol 1. You can order it here.
Also dont hesitate to check out Kisha's website here and follow her on instagram at @kishalady
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-2.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-1.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-3.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-7.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-4.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-8.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-6.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-5.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-9.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-11.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-10.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-12.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-14.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-15.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-16.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-13.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-17.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-20.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-19.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-18.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-21.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-22.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-23.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-24.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-27.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-28.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-26.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-29.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-25.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-30.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-31.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-35.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-34.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-39.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-32.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-33.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-40.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-42.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-43.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-44.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-48.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-50.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-47.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-53.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-49.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-46.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-54.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-55.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-56.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-58.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-59.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-57.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-61.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-65.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-66.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-80.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-79.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-78.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-82.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-73.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-83.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-90.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-92.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-93.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-91.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-95.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-96.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-94.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-99.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-97.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-100.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-103.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-101.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-102.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-98.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-104.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-105.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-108.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-106.jpg
 photo 20140813_Dank_KishaBari-107.jpg