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Wesco Classic Passport Holder

The Wesco Classic Passport Holder.
Handcrafted in a rich heavyweight full grain Kodiak cowhide, finished with a raw burnished edge. The inside features a split 2 card insert. Front Passport stamp, and rear Logo stamp detail.
Offered in Black and Dark Brown.
Available 12/8, at 10am CST. $98

For those wondering about the name, the name Wesco name comes from my father’s construction business that he owned back in the 1980’s. Through my work in custom shoes, I started branching out making small leather goods for friends and family. When my father passed away in 2014, I set out to pay homage to my father and his old business by resurrecting it with these leather products. This new endeavor will honor his name and legacy, while crafting a new one for me.

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